Job Summary
      Under general supervision, performs professional and technical duties in   organizing, forecasting, and directing the accounting, financial, and   informational data of the Wilson County ABC Board (Board); as well as   performing responsible administrative and clerical work for the Board.

     Description of Work:

    Essential Functions
      • Follow guidelines and duties as outlined in NCGS 18B-702 (Financial   Operations of Local
        Boards) and 15A Section .0900 (Fiscal Rules for Local ABC Boards).
      • Manages the disbursement of funds in accordance with North Carolina laws   and rules.
      • Supervises and participates in the maintenance of a general accounting   system.
      • Manages all accounts receivable and payable.
      • Manages purchasing in accordance with pre-audit policies.
      • Reconciles all bank statements.
      • Prepares, verifies, and computes wages and salary payments for established   pay cycles,
        assuring accurate earnings and deductions.
      • Prepares quarterly and yearly reports of earnings and deduction for   Federal, State, and
        local agencies.
      • Produces monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and tax returns on sales of   alcoholic
      • Serves as the primary contact for the external auditors and prepares   schedules requested
        by them to allow for a timely and efficient audit.
      • Monitors daily store deposits to verify accuracy. Enter daily sales into a   form to help
        reconcile accounts at month-end.
      • Maintains and reconciles bank balances, credit and debit transactions and   transfers funds
        to the main operating account as necessary.
      • Assists the General Manager in updating the Board about the financial   condition of ABC System.
      • Assists the General Manager in preparing the annual budget.
      • Plans and coordinates the actuarial studies needed by the Auditor to   calculate OPEB
      • Receives and assists visitors to the main office.
      • Receives, screens, and routes telephone communications to the appropriate   staff member.
      • Serves as the Board’s Finance Officer in accordance with NCGS   18B-702(j)(k).
      • This is a stand-alone position that works independently and also performs   some HR duties.
      • Performs other duties as required by law, the Board, the General Manager,   or by rules and
        regulations of the NC ABC Commission.

     Minimum Education and Experience:

    Minimum Qualifications
      • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a degree in finance,   accounting,
         business management, or related field; or equivalent experience   and knowledge in finance,
         accounting, business management, or related field.
      • Must possess a valid North Carolina Driver’s License.
      • Local Government experience and / or prior knowledge of ABC Board   operations desired, but
        not required.

     Supplemental Information:

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
      • Thorough knowledge of general laws, ordinances, and administrative policies   governing
         financial practices and procedures.
      • Thorough knowledge of the Board’s financial program, policies, records, and   related
      • Thorough knowledge of the principles and practices of accounting and   budgeting.
      • Thorough knowledge of ability to manage multiple, concurrent priorities,   and easily adapt
        to changing priorities.
      • Ability to speak, read, and write English in a capacity sufficient to   perform the tasks of the
      • Ability to formulate and install standard accounting methods, procedures,   forms, and
         records which include internal auditing.
      • Ability to prepare informative financial reports.
      • Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals.
      • Computer proficiency in Microsoft Windows, Word, Excel, and email/internet.
      • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with   other employees, the
         Board, general public, and various groups and agencies.
      • Ability to express oneself clearly and concisely both orally and in   writing.
      • Must be capable of maintaining employee files in a confidential manner and   must be
         sensitive to employee relations issues. Must have knowledge of   Federal and North
         Carolina laws as they relate to human resources.
      • Must understand Board policies well enough to explain them to employees.
      • Must be thoroughly familiar with Federal and North Carolina wage and hour   laws and
        related Board policies. Must have a good knowledge of laws regarding   various payroll
        taxes, garnishments, and other withholdings.
      Working Conditions
      •    Employee is not subject to adverse environmental conditions.
      •    Must be able to perform all basic life operational functions   of climbing, balancing,
           stooping, kneeling, fingering, grasping, talking,   hearing, and repetitive motions.
      •    Must be able to perform sedentary work exerting up to 20   pounds of force occasionally
           and 10 pounds of force constantly.
      •    Must possess the visual acuity to prepare and analyze data,   visually inspect, use
           measuring devices, and read extensively.
      Job Context
      •    The normal work schedule is a 40-hour week, Monday through   Friday.
      •    Weekends and overtime are sometimes necessary to fulfil the   job duties.
      •    The stress level of this job is low to moderate
      •    Travel within the County is occasionally required; travel   outside of the County is
            sometimes required for education, meetings, and   conferences.
      **Benefit Package Follows ABC Board Offerings** 
      The benefit package available for the Wilson County ABC Board includes   group medical, dental, vision, life, cancer, and accident insurance plans.   Wilson County ABC is also a participating member of the North Carolina Local   Governmental Employees' Retirement System as well as Prudential Retirement,   which includes 401k and 457b.
      Negotiable -  Depends on Experience