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  • Does anyone use a company other than Cavanaugh McDonald to do their Actuarial?
    Last post by Samuel Johnson - October 12
  • I would like to contact someone in a county or city/town that uses Munis to report your agency's monthly ORBIT to the retirement system.  Please respond with a way to contact you.
    Last post by Judy Tate - October 8
  • Good Afternoon,We are looking for creative ways to incentivize participation in our volunteer firemen program.  How does your entitiy compensate or incentivize this?
    Last post by Julie Scherer - October 2
  • The School of Government (primarily yours truly) is offering a new two-day course called “Employee Benefits Law.” The course is scheduled for Tuesday, December 4, from ...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - September 25
  • I hope that everyone is safe. Here is some general FLSA information you may find useful if you are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.How to handle compensation of em...  more
    Last post by UNC SOG Administrator - September 17
  • I understand that there are some questions about FEMA reimbursement of storm-related salary and overtime costs. Here is an excerpt on FEMA reimbursement from the original draft of ...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - September 17
  • I am curious how many pay codes are being used by municiplaties/counties of 1500-2000 employees?  I am currently in the process of a conversion and trying to scale down our li...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - September 6
  • We crossed wires using the SOG’s new registration system. If you tried to register for Introduction to Public Employment Law, you may have received a response that the course...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - July 24
  • Hi, Wondering if any municipalities have restrictions in relation to who gets a COLA increase.  Specifically, do employees need to have been with the municipality for at ...  more
    Last post by Korena Weichel - June 21
  • I'm looking for examples of wage progression plans.  We are finishing up the implementation of a salary study and now we need to devise a plan to give employees an opportunity...  more
    Last post by David Beck - June 7
  • I am working on a Separation Allowance. On the Creditable Years of Service, the officer is wanting to use his actual work years (29.916 years) + his Sick Leave Converstion (.49), w...  more
    Last post by Cathy Payne - May 3
  • The results of the League's Survey on Anticipated COLA & Merit Increases for FY18-19 are now available HERE.This survey and others can be found on the League's website at http...  more
    Last post by Chris Nida - April 26
  • Yesterday, the Board of Trustees for the Local Government Employees Retirement System (LGERS) officially adopted employer contribution rates for FY2017-18. The full write-up on tho...  more
    Last post by Chris Nida - April 24
  • Does anyone have a resolution to use direct deposit for payroll? Please email direct or post to listserve.Elizabeth
    Last post by Susan O'Brien - April 23
  • We are being approached concerning providing off-duty officers to be School Resource officers at the elementary school in our Town limits. I am assuming that these officers will be...  more
    Last post by Maria Gaither - April 20
  • For those of you who are in the State Health Plan, what increase, if any, are you planning for your budget in 2019?  We are fairly new and I don't have any history for a proje...  more
    Last post by Maria Gaither - April 17
  • We are considering adding a clothing stipend for certain non-uniformed employees. We know that the money is a taxable benefit under Publication 5138 since it will not meet the requ...  more
    Last post by Samuel Johnson - April 4
  • I would like to know how many towns give a longevity increase to their tenured employees. Please share what the employees receive, and if you have a written policy, please share th...  more
    Last post by J.B. Lagnie - March 15
  •  Are there any counties or muncipalities that offer any type of retirement or pension program to their County Commissioners or Councilman? If you do I would appreciate an...  more
    Last post by William Johnson - March 13
  • here are only 5 spots left in our Charlotte Advanced FMLA Workshop and only 4 spots in the New Bern location. We will not be offering this p...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 7
  • Would anyone be willing to share their most recent pay grade schedule and classification list?
    Last post by Jessica Curry - February 15
  • I was wondering if anyone would mind answering some questions about their payroll department.1) Do you outsource payroll?2) How many payroll employees do you have on staff?3) How m...  more
    Last post by Marsha Harbison - January 31
  • I need to add the value of a vest to an employees W-2. Can I do this without having added this to a paycheck where taxes were taken out? Is there a problem when my 941 reports for ...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - January 29
  • We have four spots left in the Advanced Fair Labor Standards Act Workshop to be held in Chapel Hill on February 21 – 22, 2018. This is the only advanced FLSA&n...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - January 22
  • Management has asked me to look into the "meal reimbursement rates" used by other municipalities and/or counties in NC.  The Town of Selma's current rate is $38 per day and is...  more
    Last post by Karen Evans - January 13
  • For law enforcement, is the payment of a longevity bonus subject to the 5% contribution to 401-k?
    Last post by Karen Evans - January 13
  • We offer life insurance of one times the yearly salary to full-time employees.  When computing the taxable benefit to employees do I need to calculate for employees whose sala...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - January 9
  • Municipalities with Police Departments, how do you pay your officers/dispatchers for holiday pay? Do you pay all of them, do you pay only the ones that work on the holiday, or do y...  more
    Last post by Rhonda Allen - January 5
  • In converting our software, we found two employees whose taxable wage amount was incorrect. One employee had been taxed using the incorrect withholding # and the other one had a de...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - January 5
  • In reference to House Bill 176 that requires the Pension Spiking Report to be provided to the board/council of a unit: How have units approached providing this report to your gover...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - January 5
  • to small units under 5000 population.  are your building inspectors exempt or non-exempt employee?Thanks
    Tim WhiteTown of Newport
    Last post by Betsy Brothers - January 3
  • Has anyone received any information on when the 2018 Circular E will be available? I am not having any luck searching the IRS website.Thanks!!
    Last post by Amy Austin - January 3
  • Our payroll is processed every 2 weeks.  In the calendar year 2018, I show we will have 27 pay periods instead of 26. Therefore, I will have to adjust salaries and payroll ded...  more
    Last post by Alice DeGaetano - December 20, 2017
  • Good Afternoon All,Edgecombe County is looking at creating an internal auditor position. Would any other County or City that has this position mind sharing the day to day responsib...  more
    Last post by William Johnson - December 12, 2017
  • Management has requested that I do a survey of your Municipality and/or County regarding Cell Phone Stipends:
    1.  Which staff members receive a stipend?2.  Amount(s) of s...  more
    Last post by J.B. Lagnie - November 30, 2017
  • Registration is now open for the School of Government's Advanced Fair Labor Standards Workshop to be held in Chapel Hill February 21-22, 2018. Diane Juffras and Bob Joyce will...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - November 27, 2017
  • Good morning!!Does everyone who obtains their Medical, Dental and Vision coverage from NCLM charge the employee deductions from payroll as pre-tax deductions?  My HR depa...  more
    Last post by Rob Shepherd - November 2, 2017
  • Just wanted to let everyone know that the School of Government’s Advanced Family and Medical Leave Regional Workshops are all now open for registration at https://www.sog.unc...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - October 27, 2017
  • Good Afternoon, 
    We have been trying to see what kinds of policies other municipalities have related to meal per diems in order to improve our own policy. Some specific questi...  more
    Last post by Janice Hillanbrand - October 18, 2017
  • Do you report the LEO Separation Allowance on the ESC report? Do you report the vacation payout for an employee who retired on the ESC report?
    Last post by Cathy Payne - October 13, 2017
  • Isn't the LEO Separation Allowance a retiree benefit? Why would a 1099-R not be issued instead of a W-2? Seems the FICA employer tax would not apply here.
    Last post by Jason Forlines - September 27, 2017
  • Do I pay the 5% required 401-k contribution on a police officer's payout of vacation when he retires? I know the payout is subject to state retirement so I assume the 401k contribu...  more
    Last post by Cheri Woods - September 26, 2017
  • We have an employee who has retired.  Instead of going on the Town's insurance as a retiree we are going to pay him a monthly stipend.  Is that considered 1099 income to ...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - September 25, 2017
  • An employee who is retiring 9-1-17 has given me a One Time Contribution Form from the NC 401k.  He wants 100% of his vacation payout to go pre-taxed to his 401-k account. ...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - September 7, 2017
  • We have an employee retiring who is entitled to retiree health benefits per our personnel policy. However, since we are a small group, law does not allow him to stay on our group m...  more
    Last post by Elizabeth Floyd - August 29, 2017
  • We currently pay the majority of our employees on a weekly basis (just a handful of salaried employees are paid monthly). We are contemplating the change to either bi-weekly (every...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - August 29, 2017
  • How would you handle a employee that work overtime hours and had to take time off during that same pay period. Example: Worked 12 hours OT and was off 8 hours. This is a 40 hour wo...  more
    Last post by Deleted Member - August 24, 2017
  • We have our first separation allowance to begin next month.  I want to be sure I am taxing correctly. I assume the allowance is subject to all standard deductions, such as FIC...  more
    Last post by Cheri Woods - August 23, 2017
  • Has anyone ever done your own Actuarial Valuation Study? Please contact me if you have. 910-457-7900 Melanie Trexler, Finance Director City of Southport.
    Last post by Melanie Trexler - July 11, 2017
  • I just wanted to advise everyone that our Wilmington Advanced FMLA workshop (July 19-20) is full. You can, however, join the waitlist or register for our Asheville workshop on Octo...  more
    Last post by Susan Hutchinson - June 20, 2017