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Water Meters for Sale

  • Finance Director
    Town of Clayton
    The Town of Clayton is undertaking an AMI project and will be replacing all its water meters.

    Attached is the spec sheet for the Badger Recordall M-25, 5/8” x ¾” water meters that are available along with the electronic register, which is on the more recent meters used in Clayton. The total number of Badger M-25 water meters are approximately 9,000. The total number of AMR compatible meters are approximately 7,400 that can include the 100W ERT and the remaining 1,600 have mechanic registers.


    Also, information for larger water meters is listed below with an estimated count per size. These water meters are various make and models:

                    1”            100

                    1.5          12

                    2”            150

                    3”            7

                    4”            9

                    6”            4

    Please contact Byron Poelman at 919-359-1266 or via email:

    Badger Meter Specs

      September 24, 2019 3:37 PM EDT