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Finance Department Structure

  • Finance Director
    Town of Leland
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    We have an annual budget of $25,000,000, no Utility Fund, around 160 total employees, and a population around 23,000 (and growing everyday). We prepare the budget, manage the audit, process payroll, manage Town-wide purchasing, administer all Town grants, AP, AR, etc.

    For any Municipalities similar in size, I am looking for some examples of how you have your Finance Department structured and the number of employees you have. Also: Is anyone in similar size hiring someone to manage ARPA funds?

    We currently have a Finance Director, Deputy Finance Officer, Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Coordinator, Payroll Coordinator, & a Finance Clerk.

    A link to an Organizational Chart would be helpful!


    Carly Hagg


    Finance Director

      September 27, 2021 9:15 AM EDT