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Employee Bidding on Surplus

  • Finance Officer
    Town of Carthage
    Good morning,

    Our Public Works Director has asked and our Board approved  declaring a tractor as surplus and listing it on GovDeals for auction.  The PW Director is interested in bidding on the tractor.  We are a Town with less than 15,000 people, so I believe the exception to G. S. 14-234 applies, so he would be able to  bid on the tractor.  Am I reading this correctly, or does the exception only apply to elected officials and not employees?
      March 26, 2020 10:50 AM EDT
  • Municipal Operations Consultant
    1 3

    "Additional Concerns

    Even if a contract does not violate G.S. 14-234 or G.S. 14-234.1, it is important to consider public relations concerns.  There is sometimes an expectation that the general public will have an opportunity to purchase surplus property, even when the procedures don’t require public notice, and there could be a public perception of a conflict of interest when a public officer or employee contracts with the government he or she serves."

      March 26, 2020 12:52 PM EDT