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Online Auction - Local Auto Auctions

  • Budget Analyst / Internal Auditor
    Cleveland County
    2 12
    We are presently researching other options for our sale of surplus property, confiscated property.....
    We are presently using GovDeals but are looking into to switch to.
    We are impressed with their presentation and how they handle things and what time savings it would be for us.  It would definitely help our Sheriff dept with confiscated items they need to sale.
    It seems like a win-win.

    Would like to hear from other counties/muncipalities that currently use and get your feedback on them, the process, etc?  

    Also we have tossed around the option of maybe using a local car auction place to do our surplus vehicles?  Anyone done the process like that? If so would like feedback on that as well.
    Would this option be allowed under NC General Statutues?

    We are trying to explore all our options and potentially pursue a new avenue to see what kind of revenues we can get versus how we are doing now.

    Thanks for your input.  Look forward to hearing from you.

    Tonya Sigmon 
    Cleveland County
      January 22, 2021 9:49 AM EST