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USDA financing

  • Director of Finance and Personnel
    City of King
    4 86
    Good Morning,

    We are moving forward in the USDA financing process for a wastewater treatment plant.  Does anyone have experience with this process?  If so, would you please be willing to send me some guidance?

    I have reached out to the LGC as well.  

    Do we need a bond rating?  If so, does anyone have the process to obtain?
    Apparently we will be issing revenue bonds.  Does anyone have guidance (step by step) on how to do this process?
    Have I missed anything?

    Thank you!
    Susan O'Brien
    City of King
      March 26, 2021 10:13 AM EDT
    • Crystal Certain
      Crystal Certain I have never worked with USDA. For revenue bonds, I would highly recommend using a financial advisor to assist you. They will provide you with much of the step by step that you are looking for. We use Amy Vitner with First Tryon out of Charlotte.
      March 26
  • Finance Director
    Town of Red Springs
    If you do need a bond attorney, we used Robert Jessup, Jr., SanfordHolshouser, Carboro, NC.  He was great and made the whole process simple.  
      March 26, 2021 11:33 AM EDT