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ARP/CSLFRF: More Guidance from Treasury on Expanded Obligation Definition

Although we are still waiting on the Final Rule for the new “obligation” definition for the ARP/CSLFRF, Treasury has made some significant changes to its interpretation of the Interim Final Rule in its newly released FAQs (see new Section 17). We’ll be talking about the changes at our April 4 Office …

ARP/CSLFRF: Important 2024 Deadlines & Action Items

2024 is an important year for the ARP/CSLFRF grant. Below is a PowerPoint that walks you through the important deadlines and action items. ARPA_2024-Deadlines-1Download

ARPA 360 Training Materials

1.      Tuesday, May 7 (9am-3pm) for units with LESS than $10 million in SLFRF funds. ARPA_360_May-2024-1Download ARP-Example-1_May-2024Download 2.      Wednesday, May 15 (9am-3pm) for units with $10 million or MORE in SLFRF …